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Photography + Self exploration + Editing Skills = Images that Radiate

Imagine an online photography experience designed to incorporate YOU time into the hustle and bustle of daily life. A class that encourages self-discovery behind the lens of your camera (ANY camera) and allows you to re-claim a sense of peace and energy to take on anything life throws your way.

All of this while breaking down the complicated world of photography editing. We’ll tackle editing techniques using FREE online software, taking your images to another level through artistic expression and creative play.


Radiate is the class that will light you up, allow you tackle photo editing in a simplified meaningful way, and leave you re-discovering your inner glow behind a camera lens.

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  • The first chapter of the Radiate guidebook where I’ll confess my own personal struggles with self worth and how photography led me to a deeper level of understanding into who I am.
  • Shades of Me: A photography lesson that will inspire you to pick up your camera, encourage you to slow down, and get you capturing images that make your heart sing.
  • An invitation to watch the playback of a super secret editing webinar that took place April 24th where I’ll spilled the #1 editing technique I am constantly asked to share.

What are others saying?

“Radiate gave me an excuse to think outside of my busy schedule and taught me that if I have a camera on me, I can connect to my creative side and let myself shine in the midst of the craziness.” ~Nikki

“Beryl’s friendly, low-key teaching style creates a relaxed learning environment, and she breaks down the technicalities of new photo editing skills in a way that makes me feel confident that I can do it myself very quickly.” ~Elise

Are you ready to shine?