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Hello Friend!

DSC_0374editI’m Beryl and I’m so glad you’re here. Won’t you settle in for a bit? Go grab a cup of iced coffee and stay awhile.

I’d love to connect, share my story, hear yours, and invite you on life’s journey with me. We’ll bond over our love of our little ones, Chipotle’s guacamole, TOMs shoes, and of course photography.

I believe that there is magic hidden inside your camera, and I’m here to help you discover it.

I am a professional photographer by chance. A teacher to the core.

I was the kid who used to line up my stuffed animals on the rug and showed them what I did in school that day. The pied piper of our block who led the little kids in a marching chorus of song and dance around the neighborhood. The teenager who volunteered at the local elementary school and fell in love with the idea of ‘lifelong learning’ and ‘making and impact’ on the lives of America’s youth.

I worked in Elementary school classrooms for 10 years, teaching Kindergarten and First Grade students how to read and write and then teaching teachers and students how to embrace technology and teach creatively in the ‘digital age.’

eDSC_0609editI became a mom for the first time when I found out we were expecting on Mother’s Day in 2009.

I fell in love with photography as a way to document this exciting time, and then fell in love with it all over again when I needed healing after our tragic loss at 20 weeks pregnant.

A year later in 2010 I became a mom for a 2nd time when I gave birth to my beautiful, vibrant, inquisitive, blonde hair, blue-eyed, rainbow girl Brielle.

IMG_3485_1blogEvery day she teaches me the importance of happiness, lightheartedness, and big dreaming.

(and that even though I may not feel like a supermom, I’m always super in her eyes)

Never in a million years would I have guessed that a camera would ultimately guide me to change the trajectory of my life, my career, and my dreams.

But that’s just what it did, when I decided my life’s purpose was to teach other moms how to rediscover themselves using their camera as a guide too.

blog copy

I know how quickly it feels like life is whizzing by.

How busy it can be.

How after becoming a mama you may have ‘lost your spark’.

How your kids are growing up way to fast.

How you have a camera (or two or three), but you aren’t capturing the memories you’re going after.

How there never seems to be any time.

I know because I’ve been there.


I want to teach you how my camera and photography brought me to a place of self-discovery, confidence, and connection with life and the special people and things that surround me.

Whether you’re making the most of the camera on your iPhone or you’re trying to figure out how all the buttons and dials on that big fancy DSLR work,

I’m here to help.

To get you on your way, enter your email address in the box below for my free ‘Momtographer’s Tips & Tricks’ guide. In this 5-page e-book (busy mamas need a book that short sweet and to the point, yes?) you’ll find:

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  • A 2-page ‘Image Planning Worksheet’ that will help you adventure more with your kids, think about your photos a bit before your shoot (this little bit of effort will go a looooong way!), and put your 5 tips into action

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It’s a beautiful world out there and your camera is ready and waiting to capture each moment of this precious life.

I’m simply here to help inspire you on the journey.

Ready? Set? Happy snapping!



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