Kind Words

kind words for beryl ayn young[symple_spacing size=”20″]

I can’t tell you haw many times I’ve read all the tech stuff in books, camera manuals, and online…. but have never been able to fully comprehend or apply the information while photographing. After taking a day with Beryl, the lightbulb came on and I finally understand my camera!!! Now my confidence is up and I’m shooting more than ever. Beryl has an amazing way of teaching and inspiring; A true gift! —Tracie, LuLo Prints[symple_spacing size=”50″]

Where do I begin?! I was shooting almost exclusively in Program mode before working with Beryl and was becoming increasingly frustrated with its limitations and lackluster pictures. After my session I am now shooting almost exclusively in Manual mode and it’s a whole world of difference. I now feel (mostly!) in control of my camera and the pictures are proof. —Emily[symple_spacing size=”50″]

I had owned my camera for five years and have had kids for about two and a half, but I had never known how to put the two together to get the beautiful photographs. I could see them with my eye, but couldn’t quite capture them with the lens. Beryl helped demystify all of those scary buttons and the terminology that I knew I would have to learn about to make the camera work for me but was too overwhelmed to try to tackle on my own. —Nikki[symple_spacing size=”50″]

Beryl helped me get over the “fear” of what all those buttons on my camera mean! She has such a sweet nature about her and is very helpful in explaining concepts in a way that is very easy to understand. I am so glad I took her class. It was informative and fun and it has helped to launch my new hobby that I have always wanted to do. —Janine[symple_spacing size=”70″]

Beryl made me feel that photography is a creative avenue where I can really express myself more clearly. I love how she focuses on doing the most with what you’ve got — camera wise and lifestyle wise. Beryl helped me gain the confidence to know that photography is something that really touches my heart and creative spirit in a different, deeper way. —Cynthia[symple_spacing size=”70″]

Beryl, I just want to give you a big THANK YOU! I never ever thought I would have my photos turned into Christmas cards, or calendars for other people.  I’m excited where my photos are taking me and squealing like a little girl that others want my pictures. —Michelle