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  • huffpoThe Huffington Post

    “I never imagined that my solo journey to heal after tragic loss would birth a thriving business that allows me to connect with women from all over the world.”

  • Kind Over Matter

    “My camera gave me a place where I could hide, a place to process my emotions, a place to be gentle on my soul, a place to re-discover beauty in my broken world, and a place to reflect on who I was and who I’d become since losing her.”

  • Grow Soul Beautiful

    “My camera provides the way for me to remain grateful and grounded, to discover and create, and to remember all the pieces of my life.”

  • MeRa Koh

    “Self-portrait images allowed me to re-discover myself and feel beautiful in photographs.”

  • Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

    “I picked up Bella’s camera after she died and used it to capture a glimpse into my fragile heart.”

  • Shutter Sisters

    “I discovered photography to be an incredible tool in my healing and I started to shift my perspective. I uncovered small bits of beauty in my broken world.”

  • Small Bird Studio

    “Little by little I rediscovered beauty in the images I captured behind the lens and my camera eventually taught me how to thrive again.”

  • Still Standing Magazine

    “Sometimes I wonder if the universe gave us something extra special in Brielle to ease the hurt. A true rainbow after the storm.”

  • button2 250 x 250

    The CoffeeShopBlog

    “When I’m tied to my camera, I get in ‘the zone’ where everything around me fades away and I am immediately tuned into composition, framing, apertures, shutter speeds, ISOs and everything else that goes into preparing to create beautiful images. I get so lost in the moment, that I’m not present in it.”

  • JR Customization