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Hello my friend, I’m Beryl and I’m so glad you’re here. Won’t you settle in for a bit? Go grab a mug of hot coffee and sit a stay awhile. For starters you might head on over to the MEET BERYL page where I’ll share a bit more about me and the reason this place exists. The short story? I created this cozy space for us to spend time together nourishing our souls with photographic healing, lifelong learning, & a glass half full perspective.

I believe that there is healing magic hidden inside your camera, and I’m here to help you discover it.

Sometimes our life shatters all around us, but there is a way for it to still remain beautiful. Beautifully broken. Our first daughter Bella Rose taught me all about that.

Or sometimes we’re faced with a challenge and we just need a little guidance to push us past our fears. My fear 3 years ago was tackling all the buttons and settings on my camera, but I did it! And I created Momtographie to help my friends in the DC Metro area do the same.

So what brings you here today?

If your looking to create with your camera, but lack the motivation or inspiration, then you need to check out the DAILY DOSES OF LOVE. Your camera has some love letters it wants to share with you, are you ready to receive them?

If you’re a lover of learning like me, why not soak up all there is to know with my free lessons and class downloads. The FREEBIES section is just bursting with photography goodness to help you create more and create better.

And if your looking for personal one-on-one guidance as you journey towards using your camera to its fullest potential, then CONTACT ME. I want to be your photography muse, and I’d love for us to come together to do just that.

It’s a beautiful world out there and your camera is ready and waiting to capture each moment of this precious life. I’m simply here to help inspire you on the journey.

Ready? Set? Go.