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For The Creative Mom: A Declaration of YOU!

The other day I was thinking a bit about what it means to live my life as a creative mom. With a mind that’s constantly in motion,View full post »

Self Preservation In Times Of Turbulence

Last weekend I spent 4 days away from home. I flew to Dallas, Texas to catch up with a bunch of old friends, enjoy some sunshine, shop andView full post »

Getting Curious In 2016

Each day is a new adventure for her. Today’s challenge? Sewing. She longs to create. To make something out of what first appears toView full post »

Why I’m Not Sending Holiday Cards This Year

In my quest to make more space in 2015, we’ve done a lot of purging in our house this year. We’re learning the art of living with less. OrView full post »

Recapturing Connection: Finding Your ‘Grocery Store Friend’

When it comes to support, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of ‘it take a village’. I want to preface that statement though toView full post »

Time To Celebrate…Ready Or Not

Last week I vulnerably shared my fear of celebration and the internal struggle that comes with the territory. So it’s only fittingView full post »