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On goal setting, daydreaming, and making space.

As a mom, when it comes to goal setting these days, I tend to take more of a dreamers approach. Setting lofty goals and making rooms forView full post »

Finding Your Calling: 5 Questions Moms Must Ask Themselves

Finding your calling. Knowing your purpose. Discovering and uncovering that aching feeling deep inside you that there’s more to life.View full post »

8 Lessons Getting A Tattoo Taught Me About Myself

“So, how does one decide to become a tattoo artist?” I asked as I reluctantly settled into the sensation of tiny jabs ofView full post »

How one person unlocked the door to my passion and purpse

On Sunday, May 24th my dad hit a milestone birthday. 60. I spent the past 5 days on travel with extended family. We gave him a properView full post »

The Power Of Possibility

I taught a local photography class this weekend and brought a sample copy of my new album from my favorite photo book company to share withView full post »

Why I’m not doing a photo project this year, and what I’m doing instead

Recently I’ve been feeling the sluggish stuckness of winter settling into my bones. As the energy and excitement of a new year wears offView full post »