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Recapturing Connection: Finding Your ‘Grocery Store Friend’

When it comes to support, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of ‘it take a village’. I want to preface that statement though toView full post »

Time To Celebrate…Ready Or Not

Last week I vulnerably shared my fear of celebration and the internal struggle that comes with the territory. So it’s only fittingView full post »

Afraid to celebrate? Me too.

It’s labor day weekend, I’m at a neighbor friends house for a barbecue, the weather is amazing, the shrieks from our happy children areView full post »

I am THAT mom (on the eve of your first day of Kindergarten)

I resisted writing this post. I was afraid to be THAT mom. The one getting all emotional about her ‘baby going toView full post »

Slowing down enough to keep up. A daily commitment to myself.

Photo credit: Love Knot Photo When my good friend Shawn, asked me to take part in her book tour for the print edition of “SavoringView full post »

On goal setting, daydreaming, and making space.

As a mom, when it comes to goal setting these days, I tend to take more of a dreamers approach. Setting lofty goals and making rooms forView full post »