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I forgot what it was like to have a newborn. It amazing how in just 3.5 year’s time that feels like an worn and faded memory. However last week it all came rushing back when we invited a new family member into our home. Meet Penny. Our sweet as can be, playful, patient, rescued doggie […]


Post image for Feeling lonely? I’ve been there and this is my story.

I cringe every time I share this, but I spent much of 2011 and 2012 incredibly lonely. Most of the close friends I admit that too laugh or look incredibly shocked or skeptical when they hear me speak this truth. But, it’s one I’ve felt in the depths of my soul. But but, they cry: […]


How to be happy in 2014

January 1, 2014

Post image for How to be happy in 2014

Image credit: All images courtesy of Ali Caudill Photography It’s December 28th. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop pounding away at the keys working through my latest course materials. I make small talk with the barista about how quick 2013 has gone by, take a sip of my perfectly crafted vanilla latte, and snap […]


Post image for 3 ways photography makes you a better mom

This month has been a HUGE month of transition in our world. As Virginia welcomes in cooler temperatures and the arrival of autumn, I’ve begun to embrace my new role as a work at home mom. There is a whole set of new schedules and new routines for all of us, but we’re taking it […]


Post image for The hobby that lives to serve

Growing up I hated being asked what my hobbies were. I didn’t think I had any. I was never that kid who played sports, or loved to paint, or collected things. My sister was the one with the hobby, not me. In actuality I did have hobbies, I just thought they were too nerdy or […]


Post image for Want to make me the happiest birthday girl ever?

Tomorrow I turn 32 years old. I have a lot to celebrate this year. But even so, it’s been one scary, exhilarating, emotional year and I’ll admit, I’ve spent a lot of 31 unhappy about a lot of things. I know some of you might think I’m crazy. You see my encouraging posts, the happy […]