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Photo Tips

Funny story. A few weeks ago the munchkin and I embarked on a weekend adventure out of town to visit her aunt (my sister) and celebrate a baby shower in honor of her first baby due to arrive in T-minus less than a month. (HOORAY I GET TO BE AN AUNT SOON!) I helped a […]


<<The following is an excerpt from Momtographie Online. Want access to the full 6-week class that starts June 4th? Details and registration is going on right HERE right now>> I can vividly remember the first time I baked a two-layer cake from scratch. I had to invite a friend over because I was so fearful […]

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Each evening as we begin our regular bedtime rituals…bath time, brushing teeth, PJs on, read two stories…I tell my almost 4 year old two words that I have been taking to heart lately. “Stop Growing” She giggles and smiles and cups her hands around my cheeks and says, “Your’re silly mommy.” And she’s right. It’s […]


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During my 4 years of teaching Momtographie (which the online version is on sale right now btw…) I’ve been asked frequently about the best way to capture certain photo worthy moments . If you’ve ever wondered the best tips for taking photos of your child’s birthday party, your summer vacation to the beach, your lazy […]


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At some point during your photo journey you’re bound to hit a wall of frustration. With each new skill you learn about taking better photos comes a different set of rules, buttons, and settings to remember. This compounded with new locations and unpredictable light can become quite challenging to a mom on the go with […]


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The stricken look of panic that washed over my face as the neighbor confirmed news unknown to me right up to that very moment must have been quite amusing. “Can you believe there are only 18 days of preschool left?” I did the math in my head and those 18 days only brought us to […]

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