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She may not be a delicate squishy newborn we’ve anxiously been waiting to meet for 9 impatient months. However, Miss Penny has surely earned her way into our hearts in a very short period of time and is quickly becoming an integral member of the family. Although I’ve made a conscious effort to document and […]


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Yesterday I posted a very interesting question on Facebook, and I must admit I’m a little surprised by the answers. For those who missed it, I asked… “What’s your favorite way to display images in your home” I’m not sure quite what I was expecting but almost all of you said you prefer framing over […]


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I’m currently enrolled in an 8-week public speaking course that began this week. I’m working on breaking through some fear barriers when it comes to giving a speech or a talk in front of an audience. (sidenote: I LOVE to teach, but giving a formal talk is a whole different animal that sends me into […]


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I jolted awake, knowing the chill in my bones was not coming from the frigid December air. Sharp pangs shooting down through my belly and down my side, it was the beginnings of an unwelcome stomach bug. I tried to stay in bed awhile, but finally succumbed to the restlessness and insomnia and got myself […]


Monday Momtographer l Julie

January 6, 2014

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This is part my ‘Meet a Momtographer’ series. I’ll be hosting interviews with past students every Monday this month as I get ready to re-release the Momtographie Online class into the world. Today I’m so excited for you to meet DC area momtographer Jule of Julie Bowman Photography. One year ago she was a mom […]

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How to be happy in 2014

January 1, 2014

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Image credit: All images courtesy of Ali Caudill Photography It’s December 28th. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop pounding away at the keys working through my latest course materials. I make small talk with the barista about how quick 2013 has gone by, take a sip of my perfectly crafted vanilla latte, and snap […]