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In case I haven’t mentioned it, this has been a winter that has tested every single ounce of patience I know how to muster. My husband and I have thrown around the idea of moving to Florida, I can’t seem to get out from under my never ending to do list, and in all honestly […]

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I cringe every time I share this, but I spent much of 2011 and 2012 incredibly lonely. Most of the close friends I admit that too laugh or look incredibly shocked or skeptical when they hear me speak this truth. But, it’s one I’ve felt in the depths of my soul. But but, they cry: […]


How to be happy in 2014

January 1, 2014

Image credit: All images courtesy of Ali Caudill Photography It’s December 28th. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop pounding away at the keys working through my latest course materials. I make small talk with the barista about how quick 2013 has gone by, take a sip of my perfectly crafted vanilla latte, and snap […]


It’s November 5th 2009. While everyone is wrapped up in their 30 days of gratitude I’m wrapped up in what feels like a lifetime of grief. Going through the motions at work, I click away at the mouse working through countless hours of report card edits, earbuds inserted to drown out human contact. The lyrics […]


“I am not good enough for this.” The teacher approached me, wearing wrinkled brows and serious lips. I knew the news was not going to be good. I was already an anxious mess over our previous conversations about potty accidents and dilly dallying snack behavior, so when the conversation began, “Mrs. Young I have some […]


At a recent reunion with incredible business friends, I arrived in Okotoks, AB Canada hopeful for a weekend of celebration, happiness, butterflies, and rainbows. There was all of that and I even found the rainbows (more on that in a minute), but I was also emotionally challenged during the weekend too. I began my trip […]