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Free of expectations, anything becomes possible

When I was five, I had a clear plastic baton. Inside were sparkling green glitter strings, and the ends were affixed with multicolored,View full post »

Why I’m not doing a photo project this year, and what I’m doing instead

Recently I’ve been feeling the sluggish stuckness of winter settling into my bones. As the energy and excitement of a new year wears offView full post »

Instead of 2015 photo project, goal, or challenge…do THIS.

The mornings right now begin with quiet. Snuggles. Cartoons and coffee on the couch. Conversations. Board games. Giggles. Lego castles andView full post »

The truth about taking better photos

Taking better photos is not about the photos at all. This journey is about love and connection. It’s about seeing your world with aView full post »

The most important investment you can make

A few months ago, I sold $100 worth of our daughter’s baby gear in one weekend, so my husband and I could afford a date night out. TheView full post »

What grief feels like 5 years later

Dear Bella, As I watched the fog blanket our tiny town this morning, you were on my mind as I cautiously drove away from home. Your sisterView full post »