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Post image for Finally! Get those photos off your device and into your life

I have a little confession to make. I am the world’s worst when it comes to actually printing my photos. I’m the queen of holding them hostage on my computer and though they often get shared via social media or this blog, that’s typically where they stay. In fact, Brielle still has no baby book, […]


Post image for How to salvage ‘blah’ photos in 5 minutes or less

I used to hear this advice all the time from the pros: You must get your photos right in camera from the start. You won’t be a good photographer until you nail your exposures. Don’t make things harder than they need to be, spending lots of time editing is a waste of time. Although there […]

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If you haven’t discovered this yet, working in the digital darkroom can quickly become quite the addiction! Armed with the right tools, it’s never been easier to pop open a computer and transform your photos into something beautiful. But, it’s even better when you have the right background music to motivate and inspire you as […]


Post image for Photo editing sites just for moms

It’s 7:30pm on a Friday night and my little girl has just gone down to sleep for the evening. After a day of drawing, building block towers, dolls, fruit cups, playdoh, endless questions, secret clubhouse activities, stickers, cheerios, tantrums, hugs, and story books, I’ve collapsed into a blob on our couch for the evening, I’m […]


Post image for Finally! The photo app you’ve been waiting for…

As much as I love my DSLR camera and teaching moms how make the most of their investment, if you’ve known me for any amount of time you also know I’m a HUGE fan of the camera on my iPhone too. I love figuring out new tips and tricks to make working with it easier.  […]


Making Time

May 24, 2012

Every day we are all presented with the same 24 hours to do with as we please. 24 hours to relish in, savor, and make the most out of. 24 hours to work our tails off. 24 hours to play tea party or superheros with our kiddos. 24 hours to Facebook, Tweet. Pin, and YouTube. […]