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When the new year rolled around in January, I didn’t set any big lofty photography goals this time around. A 365 project felt too daunting, a 52 project felt a bit restrictive as well. But one thing I have wanted to play with a bit more is the lifestyle/documentary style of photography. There have been […]


Merry Christmas 2013

December 25, 2013


As I gear up for the return of Momtographie Online in early 2014 (WOOT!) I’m bringing you a new blog series lovingly titled ‘Find Your Light’. This is the third and final post in a 3 part blog adventure where we’ll be cultivating and capturing the holidays (and beyond!) with what I think is the […]

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“I am not good enough for this.” The teacher approached me, wearing wrinkled brows and serious lips. I knew the news was not going to be good. I was already an anxious mess over our previous conversations about potty accidents and dilly dallying snack behavior, so when the conversation began, “Mrs. Young I have some […]


If you do any sort of regular check in with the mainstream news media, you probably know the Washington DC area has been in the news quite a bit in the last week with a government that has shutdown and is essentially at am impasse with no budget resolution in sight. I have several friends […]


Three Years In The Making

October 2, 2013

Every year, on her birthday I write a letter to my daughter sharing all the milestones we’ve been through together during the past year. This year’s letter is below, but I also have some other exciting news! Today I’m launching a brand new local (DC Metro Area) class. WOO HOO! This class has been 3 […]