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How To Make Printing Photos Less Overwhelming

The following is an excerpt for my 9 month photo printing journey the Embrace Experience. Want all the details about this class and what itView full post »

Recapturing Connection: Finding Your ‘Grocery Store Friend’

When it comes to support, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of ‘it take a village’. I want to preface that statement though toView full post »

9 Secrets For Printing More Photos Now

At nearly every class I teach, this question comes up: “where do you print your photos?” (if you’re struggling with getting yourView full post »

To The Mom Who Isn’t Printing Her Photos

Photo credit: Love Knot Photo I know how much you absolutely adore your kids and family. You are the dedicated family historian, and snapView full post »

Widening The Lens

Lately I’ve been feeling a tug. A pluck on my heartstrings telling me change is in the air. I can see transformation and transition allView full post »

Time To Celebrate…Ready Or Not

Last week I vulnerably shared my fear of celebration and the internal struggle that comes with the territory. So it’s only fittingView full post »