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So often when creatives or “artsy types” become parents, they feel like they lose themselves for a while. We get so wrapped up in finding our new identity as a mom that we can forget that we are artists. Luckily, it doesn’t have to stay that way for long! Reclaiming creativity as a mom is […]

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  • Cyndy - You guys are totally talking about my life as a mom trying to keep my art in my life. It is so hard to get into a project when you’ve got young kids. Over the years I have done spurts of creativity at different times usually when the kids I already had were 4 and up and I was preggers with another I would be able to get into real ongoing projects, but then the baby would come along and then I’d get busy with a newborn. Then when they were not newborn but not yet crawling I could jump in again, then stop when they were moving all over and I had to be chasing them. Since having my first child, through the fourth, I have used videos and books and tv shows to learn different skills and mediums and done watercolor, ragdoll sewing, photography, polymer clay figures/ornaments, wood block printing, handbuilt clay masks and votive candle holders (I even bought a used kiln so I could fire my own stuff), paper mache, acrylic painting, handmade books, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, art quilting, artisan bread making with wild yeast, all kinds of cooking/baking, felted bags, felted vessels, art journaling, stamp making, and mixed media. Loved all of it. Now my youngest is 10 and after a couple of years of feeling creatively impotent and spending way too much time on the computer or tv just wasting time I stumbled across Jeanette’s blog and saw her book. It started me back up on my creative journey again, although it still took about a year. I tried adult coloring books, and although I like them, I really like to draw my own stuff whenever possible, so I love Jeanette’s book for that. I can draw something simple and fun and zentangle, doodle, and color it. I recently joined a bi-weekly online thing where an artist does about a 20 minute spread in her art journal, talking through it, then challenges us to do our own, either using her idea or our own or a mixture. I am 3 exercises in and it is awesome. The second 2 were acrylic painting exercises and they turned out really well. It reminds me that I am still an artist and I can still do it. And when I am doing an art project I am totally zoned into it. The whole world gets blocked out. It totally relaxes me and when I’m done I feel so calm and excited and happy at the same time. It’s the best therapy for me and stress reliever. It is what my soul is meant for. Love love love it.
    And that point about giving yourself permission is spot on. Like somehow I thought it was okay to take a break by watching tv, but not doing art. Maybe because watching tv I can jump up at any point and still serve, but when I’m doing my art I am IN IT and not available really. I don’t know.
    And yes, the habit of it…right on. I need to treat it as a NECESSITY….I am so much happier as a person when I am making art, so it should be a priority. I have always had a thing about making practical art because somehow it makes it “worthwhile” or excusable because you can use it in life. I need to get away from that and do art because it feeds my soul and makes me happy. 🙂