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Point. Click. Love. ∣ 5 minute vintage nostalgia editing tutorial

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.

As soon as the last bite of turkey gets gobbled up, and the dishes are all cleaned and put away the tree must come out and the decorating must begin!

I think if I had my way I’d leave our Christmas tree up all year round.

Something about the twinkly lights and sparkly orbs makes me smile.

Probably because I didn’t grow up with Christmas magic in my home.

Coming from a Jewish family we had our own special holiday traditions: spinning plastic dredels, chocolate gelt coins, menorahs with glowing candles, and 8 nights of presents (!!!).

But there was something about Christmas magic that I always longed for as a kid and I’m glad we get to incorporate it into our own blended holiday home now.

This year has been especially exciting because Brielle is just starting to understand and embrace the magic too. She knows who Santa is she even and thinks “Ho Ho” is bringing her an iPad for Christmas. *sigh*

The most special thing for me though is that I feel like I’m experiencing holiday magic right alongside her because these are all firsts for me too!

I’m soaking it all up and capturing all the magic on camera this year too.

This weekend as we lugged all the boxes of decorations, ornaments, and the tree up from the basement Brie’s eyes twinkled.  But, her purple and blue cupcake PJ’s just didn’t scream ‘festive’, so when it came to editing I decided to play around with some new nostalgic black and white editing techniques to bring some life into these images.

In today’s episode of Point. Click. Love. I’m sharing step by step how to achieve this vintage nostalgia in your black and white edits using the FREE online photo editor PicMonkey.

Even though I originally edited my photos using Photoshop — I think you’ll be surprised to see how simple, quick, and professional these edits can still look using free tools instead!

I’m so excited for you to see this week’s video! Click the PLAY button below to get started.

Then keep on reading because I want to hear from you and see you put this technique into action with your own images once you’re done watching.

It’s your turn!

Time for you to put today’s editing technique into action.  Photo editing is such a relaxing way to unwind, tap into your creative spark, and bring new life to your holiday images.  Head on over to PicMonkey now, try out today’s technique and share your result by posting your image directly to my Facebook page, linking from your own blog or photo storage in a comment below, or emailing it me!

P.S. Did you find today’s tutorial helpful? Want to learn more editing tips? Come join me for Radiate, the 12 week class where self care through photography meets concrete photo editing lessons. Let’s get you loving your photos and your life even more this fall. Class begins August 11th. Details and registration are HERE.

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The present of being present this holiday season

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  • Tara - LOVED doing this! I also love working it out in PS but PicMonkey is always great fun too! :)

    • berylayn - Thanks Tara! Glad you enjoyed it. I also typically prefer PS, but something PicMonkey is a nice quick and convenient change of pace. :)ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Wow, this was such a wonderful surprise!!! When I saw the post on your Facebook page I was thrilled to see that you were answering my question about how you edited the nostalgic b&w photo — but you far surpassed my expectations! I’d not heard of PicMonkey, so I can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for taking the time to create this video tutorial, it is so helpful! And what a surprise to hear you mention my name and acknowledge my question! This is the closest I’ve ever come to “celebrity” in my whole life! First chance I have I’m going to try this Vintage Nostalgia B&W technique out. Thanks so much, Beryl Ayn! :)ReplyCancel

    • berylayn - Yay yay!! I was going to make sure you saw this, glad you found it on your own. Enjoy PicMonkey — it’s easily addictive. AND, I do hope you’ll share the weblink to this post and your new celebrity status with your friends ;) Please share any edits you try too. I’d love to see them!ReplyCancel

  • Lexi - I love the cat in the background. LOL. Great video! :)ReplyCancel

    • Beryl - He likes to be the center of attention. Silly kitty boy! Hope you get a chance to try the edit sometime!ReplyCancel

  • Patti G - I love picmonkey for edits I don’t have to think as hard about as I do in PSE!!!
    Love this process —– now to go find a the right picture to try it on. I’m thinking of doing my iheartfaces 31 days of December shots ALL in this nostalgiac look!ReplyCancel

  • Diane - Thanks for the great photography tips.ReplyCancel

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