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May 2012

Post image for Getting honest, it’s ok to speak your truth

If I’m being honest I’d admit I’m tired. Like super duper mentally, physically, unconditionally exhausted from being pulled in a million different directions. But coming home to her each day keeps me grounded. If I’m being honest I’d let you know about the guilt that consumes me as I plug away at my dream each […]


Post image for Weekending | Fun In The Sun

More and more these days I’m trading in my DSLR for the camera that fits in my pocket. Last year I brought the ‘big guns’ to the pool and I worried the entire time that my DSLR would either: A) get stolen B) get dropped in the pool Thankfully that didn’t happen, but this year […]

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Making Time

May 24, 2012

Every day we are all presented with the same 24 hours to do with as we please. 24 hours to relish in, savor, and make the most out of. 24 hours to work our tails off. 24 hours to play tea party or superheros with our kiddos. 24 hours to Facebook, Tweet. Pin, and YouTube. […]


Post image for Grant Yourself Permission

I bet you are the kind of person who gives and gives and gives – to your spouse, to your kids, to your boss, to your family, to your friends. But, when was the last time you sat down pen and paper in hand with your camera by your side and set the intention of […]



Someone really needs to put a disclaimer on the DSLR camera box before you go investing in that humongo piece of equipment, don’t you agree? Disclaimer: Buying our product will not automagically make you a professional photographer. Learning how to work the machine you just plunked down wads of cash for may induce states of […]


Post image for radiance on the fifth green

It was somewhere on the 5th green of our family’s favorite golf course last week while shooting promo images for my sister’s 2012 golf season that it happened. A true moment of radiance. In the golden hours of sunset her and I were each working our own unique passions and living out our seemingly opposite […]

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