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Pixlr Party Rewind – Sharing Your Results!

I don’t host parties very often.

Not because I don’t enjoy a wild time every now and again (I totally do! I dare you to ask me about my bachelorette party…). But a social chameleon like me has gatherings where worlds collide, which usually ends in a total stress inducing nightmare – for me at least. The guest list seems to grow exponentially with friends from work, friends from school, friends from the neighborhood, friends from here, friends from there. And then instead of enjoying myself, I end up spending more time worrying if everyone has met, is getting along, and is having a good time.

This is precisely why I was a total nervous wreck hosting my first online ‘Pixlr Party’ last week.

But, after the first guests began to arrive and the introductions and formalities were complete we all had a fabulous time if I do say so myself.

I am guessing your next question might be, “What is a Pixlr?”

Pixlr, is a FREE online photo editor I recently discovered. I personally find photo editing to be an incredibly relaxing process. You know that concept of flow? Where you could do something for hours and completely lose yourself and all sense of time? Yeah – that’s me and photo editing. And I LOVE how easy Pixlr makes it to add those final finishing touches to images.  The best part of this day in age too, is that editing process is the modern photographer’s darkroom. It’s where you are able to put your signature touches on the photos you capture. Make them yours. Tell your story.

Today some of my party peeps have their own Pixlr stories to share.

They listened to my tips, ideas, and inspiration and took off running! I am so proud of the results that enthusiastically arrived in my inbox only moments after our party was over, and I am so excited to share them with you here right now. Ready?

Nikki’s son is 100% b-o-y. Gotta love his expression as he throws mulch into the air.  The before image is amazing as is but I do love how Nikki’s processing brings out the beautiful warm tones in the background. It almost looks like a painting.

Lindy submitted this beautiful image to remind us that Spring is just around the corner! I adore what she did to brighten up this image and give it a bit of a vintage touch with the filters and frames Pixlr offers.

Kathy proves with this image that teenage boys will indeed smile for the camera every now and again! I love how this image just radiates happiness and how his eyes pop in the end result.

Sometimes a photo deserves and extra special retro treatment as demonstrated by Stephanie with this image. I love the funky vibe going on in this one!

Kathlyn sent me this ADORABLE picture of her daughter. This image is a GREAT example of how editing can and should be used subtly in order to enhance an already beautiful picture.

Remember, your story should always primarily told through the images you snap, but editing can truly enhance and add to the message you are trying to convey.

I’m really looking forward to teaching more about Pixlr, editing, and telling YOUR personal story in my brand new e-course Radiate, coming this June.

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