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If cameras could talk…

I have often sat and wondered what my camera would say to me if she could speak.

(Yes, my camera is a girl and her name is Alleb)

In the early days of my photography journey while working through my first ‘Project 365’ I imagined her mocking the way I stayed in Auto mode all the time, or complaining about the number of shots I would fire before I finally settled on just one mediocre image, or breathing a big heavy sigh and groaning as I took ANOTHER picture of my dinner, or my cats, or my feet.

As frustration with the quality of my images would build, you’d see me looking begrudgingly at her many buttons and dials, shaking her towards the sky yelling, “Can’t you just tell me what to do?!”

I fantasized about her lovingly telling me why my pictures were so blurry, or dark, or filled with red eyes and ghostly faces.  I envisioned her magically calculating my correct ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture without me having to even lift a finger, so I could FINALLY feel confident with her in my grasp.

Then one day I realized Alleb had a bigger message to share with me.

As the seasons of life changed,  there was my defining moment where I was consumed by depression, grief, and loss.

I longed for a companion who would help me make sense of the confusing, conflicting emotions that followed and bring my back to myself.

I could almost hear Alleb whispering to me, “It’s ok, we’re in this together. We can do this and find beauty in these shadows”. I looked to her to tell me how to find the light. Make it shine. And bring a sparkle back into my world.

These days I look to her for reminders to be playful, live fully, and remember each day.

I hear her calling to me saying, “don’t let this moment pass you by, pick me up and I’ll help you make magic”.

Your camera has a message to share with you too. But It’s up to you to listen.

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