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walking feet, perfectionism, & 365 days

Watch out world, the Young’s have a walker on their hands. This week our baby officially turned little girl when she stood up, let go, and toddled across the room all by herself.

At 15 months she’s a little later on the learning curve.

But she’s been sneaking in some practice while she thought we were turned the other way.  We’ve caught glimpses of her cautiously taking a step or two from the family room couch to the coffee table. Testing the waters. Practicing her skills.

And I think, she’s been saving up for ‘walking day’ for awhile.

She was just waiting until she knew she’d be able to get an A+ 100% before showing the world what she could do.

She gets that from me.

The Perfectionism.

I’m a perfectionist too. I hate hate hate to fail.  Which is why I’ve been hesitant to write this post. I too have been sneaking in some practice time this week.  No, not with my walking. Fortunately I already know how to walk (well, most of the time that is…I am also infamous for being a klutz and walking into walls from time to time too).

This week I’ve been practicing taking photos of my baby girl.

Every day to be exact.

And I finally think I’m ready to admit that YES I am going to attempt a 365 day project again this year (actually a 365+1 with this year being a leap year). This is my 4th time trying. But this year I want to say I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m finally ready to attack this challenge head on.

This year’s project is all about Brielle. And it’s all through the eyes of my iPhone.

Quick. Integrated. Focused.

I have to tell you, I found two apps that are changing the way I approach the 365 project this year.

My365 – A free app where you can add your photos to a monthly calendar to share with your friends who can then comment and like your photos.  As you upload and interact more, you unlock fun image filters. This is a GREAT app to keep motivated and excited on the 365 journey.

Photo365 – Like My365 this also has a calendar so you can visually see each day you’ve taken a photo. But what I love about this one is the ability to set daily reminders on your phone so you don’t forget a day.

I’m trying to go with the flow and take this year one day and one photo at a time. A slice of life through our daughter’s perspective. And I can’t wait to be able to go back and view her growth and development over the course of this year. Because it goes by way way to fast. I still can’t believe my baby is walking.

Have you attempted a 365 project before? Have you been thinking about starting one? Care to join me as I toddle along in my journey once again this year? Come find me on My365 (I’m ‘berylaynyoung’) and let’s support each other.

  • Cynthia Baker - HI – I’m thinking about this, but I don’t have a smart phone or ipad or that sort of thing. Do you know of 365 helpers that don’t require apps? I’m new to this world…I’ve enjoyed seeing your photos.ReplyCancel

    • berylayn - Oooo, check out this site and see what you think. I’ve never used it, but I hear it’s good. Flickr also has some great 365 groups aimed at keeping you motivated.ReplyCancel

  • Beth - I love love love 365 projects. I’ve attempted several, and although I’ve never finished a full year of daily photos, I’ve gotten close. More importantly, my photography has improved. And the photos are such a great record of that time! Since Eve died I started doing a very relaxed version of 365 (i.e., taking semi-daily photos for a year) in an attempt to help me to appreciate the gifts all around, as well as to help process my grief. I am excited for you and your project!ReplyCancel

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